Our will in truth is happiness!

We seem to prefer our pain over risking something new; at least we know how to suffer, and we are oddly afraid that we won't know how to function if we are happy. But we don't really want suffering; how could we? How could anyone? Our will, in truth, is happiness. ACIM
This is what I have learnt, unless you really want to move, you won't! Unless you want it more than your are afraid of it, you remain there! Unless there are people who are not accepting your excuses and enabling you, its ok to stay where you are and complain or just stay and keep quiet?!
Unless you start taking responsibility for your actions, for your happiness, for your life, well I have learnt that forget it, you're stuck!
Make a move!!! However small, one step, one shift, move move move!!!! Just do it! Just do do do!!!

As master teacher Iyanla says " Only you have a say in what gets to happen in your life!"



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