Change is not linear

You cannot force, coerce and demand change. Change is a process that unfolds when the individual mind comes into alignment and cooperation with the flow of life, the universe at large. Change is a journey. Change is not linear, meaning do this and that will happen. Change is uncertain and uncertainty gives rise to fear. Change requires vision and strategic planning. Changes requires that we work from the top down (from the mind to the heart) and from the bottom up (from the experience to the cause of the experience) at the same time. Change often creates problems in our environment. Fear not! Problems are our friends! Without problems we cannot learn. Without problems we have no idea of the depth of the change that is required of us. Iyanla Vanzant
I am working on a change management process for the next two weeks with an organisation and each day I sit with the executives of the organisation and we talk about the change and the process and let me tell you I smell their fear, I see it oozing from their pores! I sit there and think yea I get you but my big lesson from all this is how much we depend on people and things to make us "safe and secure" and truly truly truly it comes from within. We always have a choice! It's one of the greatest gift given to us, free will! we can do whatever we choose with all that has been bestowed upon us by this Universe! I admit, I too fear change because I like to avoid pain, I know  I like to avoid pain, I see it even when I am exercising! But the question is, avoiding pain or being happy, being free, being true to yourself, is avoiding pain really safer? And then what happens is that life pushes you in a direction where you now have to make a drastic decision because you were avoiding it all the time, be like the buffalo in the storm, run through it and know its just some hard rain which will stop! The pain is temporary, as they say .....and this too shall pass!!

I am still learning myself but I have gotten better at dealing with uncomfortable situations, and shifts and changes, and this assignment is really right on time for me to walk the talk, to practice what I preach and to know like I know like I know that I will always always always be AOK! and so will you! Peace!!


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