Getting readey for the Michael Dresser Show today

I acknowledge the progress in my life and being, through the support and grace of God, my ancestors, elders, teachers, spiritual guides, sisters and brothers. Rev. Manazerine Olujimi Baptiste

Today I am being interviewed for the Michael Dresser radio show! This will be my first time on US Radio! I'm pretty excited and a little bit nervous too! I am super grateful as well to have an opportunity to be living my purpose! It's a scary thing to take that leap of faith but it is so worth it and yea I do have times when I am like as they say shitting bricks wondering about what's next, where will the cash come from and then I get the sign to be quiet have faith and keep working it's not only about the money its about knowing that you will always be taken care of no matter what! Anyways I digress, tune in if you got the time, you can listen online as well, Michael Dressler show 4.19ET


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