External validation is not a foundation for internal validation

There's nothing wrong with external validation. It's just that external validation cannot serve as a foundation to internal validation. Without an internal structure of self validation, one tends to spend too much time searching. Seeking something never to be received from anyone other than self. Addicted to the inevitable let down of not quite getting what one needs. These synthetic lives. These synthetic times. THE FLOACIST

I am going to be off for the next 3 days working on a project, not sure yet how I am going to get to touch base with you guys yet but technology is such an awesome thing now anything is possible! So let's see I was minding my own business today when the phone rang with this opportunity to do a change management project, never really did it before but the people who asked me seem to think I could! Just as I was about to go to the bank to pay my rent and asking the Universe, ok I have been patient and I still am but hey when is the cash flow gonna flow? Its been since December!! Then the lessons kicked in, the phone rang and the rest is history, I give thanks for  the opportunity!
Anyways, will touch base with you guys soon!


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