Triggers - have you discovered yours?

The better that we are being with ourselves, the better that we are with relationships (all) (unknown(

Do you know what your triggers are? Like what are the things that trigger certain responses and reactions? I am still learning mine, I know what a few are and so that when I feel or see the trigger coming I can get ready or be better prepared instead of responding by either shutting down completely or getting mad vex and doing something stooopid! or comfort eating, I notice that I fall back on comfort eating as a response to a trigger
So I learnt another one yesterday and wow that one was a shocker to me, why? because I grew up watching my mother react in the same way. I said I will never do that when I become an adult! My mum loves her house to be in order when she gets home from work. The dishes must be done, things must be in place, the house must welcome her in a clean and orderly fashion and if it's not well my friend it was hell to pay! Don't stick around when she gets home and the place is disorderly, the neighbours sometimes saved me! I never got that! So here I am doing the same thing, I got home yesterday and the place was like, in my mind, world war 4! I never even asked a question I was just mad vex and then after about 30 minutes I said wait a bloody minute this is familiar! I turned into my mama! Lawd have mercy!
So a new trigger is found and now I know so I can deal with it!
What are your triggers?


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