Just for today, admit what you feel

" Just for today, be devoted to honouring your feelings. Allow yourself to feel them. Admit to yourself what you feel. If you really want to give yourself an opportunity to grow and heal, admit exactly what you are feeling to one other living person" Iyanla ( the boss)

Woke up pretty early today as I am heading to a village called Brasso Secco on the North Coast of Trinidad, pretty place! I am meeting with a rural community group who started a business to " use what they have" to grow and empower the community through business, they have amazing cocoa and coffee being grown up there, met with them once before but only  a couple of the members, this time its everyone, at their community center, more than likely, as is always the case, I will learn more from them than them from me!

So until then, will let you know how it goes!
Have an awesome Monday!


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