Where are you looking for what's within?

I pray today to be EMANCIPATED. . .
EMANCIPATED from fear and all its children: worry, fret, doubt, can't, shoulda/woulda/coulda, procrastina- tion, shrinking, hiding and 'don't know'.
EMANCIPATED from pride, arro- gance, thinking I know what's best, thinking I'm superwoman and erroneously believing I can do it all on my own. InnerVisions Worldwide

My granma had a birthday on Sunday last, she turned 85, and she looks darn good! (hope I get her genes!) I haven't spent a birthday with her in almost ten years and a few of the family members as well have never really been around in March, this time a few of her grandchildren was here and she made a huge fuss about us coming to eat breakfast with her around her kitchen table! As I sat there the thought entered my head that right here is a lot of knowledge and wisdom! Somehow I was searching for it and it was right there all the time! How many of us go searching and what we are searching for is right in front of us! Looking for external validation? Food for thought!



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