Does it have to do with truth?

An attachment is something we have a strong emotional connection to that has nothing to do with our survival or even our truth. We may think releasing this attachment will destroy us....but will it really? Releasing our attachments may create change, but it can not destroy us, nothing can! We are Eternal Spirit. Sabrine Ruer
This is my first time doing an intervention! I was asked to assist in carrying out this task for a large organisation, what struck me is how we are attached to things and the fear of us losing them! I mean like car, house, status, job title and phone! Nothing said about internal qualities or even friends! And why I recognized this is because I been there!! We hold on and hold on and hold on when we know and know and know its time to let go because of fear!!! So here's my lesson, here is what I have learnt we must be WILLING to let go of what we have, everything to gain everything, lose it all to gain it all. Be WILLING!!!! I get that!! And I get that there is fear involved! Once we recognize the fear is feel the fear and do it anyway!!

Are you willing to lose it all to gain it all?


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