You will stretch your whole soul to reach it

When joy is the aim, you will stretch with your whole Soul to reach it. Your satisfaction will begin to eclipse your need for approval and acceptance. You won’t have time to validate your choices or keep  score because you’ll be too busy with pleasure. Danielle La Porte

Got another gig in NYC today! I am so excited to be doing a book signing in Harlem! Harlem NYC here I come! The Sisters Uptown Bookstore on Amsterdam Avenue, a Harlem institution. I remember going to Harlem as a teenager, hitting 125th street and being in the buzz of all the action, the culture, the soul food, the stores, the revolution, the parties, the spots!
Here I am now going to Harlem to add to the mix, not just watch and participate but to contribute, to serve! I am beyond excited! Its going to be super duper awesome!
My NYC trip is shaping up to be a blast!!!!


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