The icing on the cake

Choosing fear outsources your happiness and makes someone else responsible for the way you feel. You seek for Love because you believe you lack it.  Jackson Kiddard
I was having an interesting conversation yesterday, the guy told me that women, he has no time for them now in his life because they want him to spend time on them and insist that he makes them happy. Right now he wants to focus on himself. I thought that was interesting for two reasons
1. Building a relationship, in my mind, can only thrive if time is spent building it, simple!
2. Other people insisting that their happiness depends on something and someone outside of themselves
I understood where he was coming from on both counts having been there!
Why do we really outsource our happiness? Can you honestly say that you can be happy regardless of what your boss, teacher, partner, mother, father, friend says and does? Do you even know how? Have you ever thought about it?

I thought about it yesterday and I came to the conclusion that I don't mean to ignore my feelings, I feel the feelings and deal with it, sometimes I let it pass but my happiness, you see that? that is my own responsibility so I am responsible and accountable for me and my life, so it means having to choose and make some tough decisions sometimes to met people where they are and sometimes leave them where I found them. I know that I know that I know that happiness is a choice!

On a separate note, called my granma yesterday, random weekly chit chat and she said in between our talk of politics " You did a good job on that interview, I can say I passed the baton and you picked it up and ran with it" then she went right back into the politics without taking a breath, I didn't have a chance to say a bloddy thing! And that, my friends, was the icing on the cake! Honoring the ones who paved the way for me!


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