Lessons and Blessings from Brasso

I give thanks constantly. For it go how it has to go, it has to and of course nothing happens exactly as it did before, but happen they do and over and over again the many become the few until the old is forgotten by the new but they will remember they always do- Natalie Stewart

Yesterday I was out on the North Coast of Trinidad doing a project with a community group! What struck me about this group is their unrelenting optimism and dedication to the improvement of the community! They could complain about the neglect of the authorities, as many many people do here but they don't ! They tell me that they live in such a beautiful place with rivers, beaches, hiking trails, cocoa and coffee that they will use what they have to ensure that their children can live there in the future! I asked them how things have changed over the years, they told me in the last ten years they got running water, electricity, telephone and now working on getting Internet access and this didn’t come just because the authorities liked them, they had to fight for it all! And they found a way! So we sat at the Village facility and the kids were there learning how to grind coffee,  talking about how to make chocolate bars and run a business! They were chatting with me about how to make this a viable entity for their community! I just sat there and gave thanks for the opportunity to learn from these lovely Brasso Seco villagers! Each time I go or leave I hear "Blessings from Brasso"

How many of us complain? How many of us are always looking at what we don’t have and focusing on what we don't want? How many of us wake up daily with a consciousness of making where we live a better place for our children even though we may not live to see it? Not what mark they make in exams or which car they go to school in today. Lasting change, making a way and showing love, discipline, faith and community? How many of us depend on the Government to “do something?” whilst  we do nothing! I learnt yesterday to give thanks and do what you can with what you have!, to give back to your community and forget looking for a reward, the reward is in the giving! Thank you Brasso!!



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