Acceptance Brings Us Back to the Now

When you stop obsessing over the things you can’t control, you’ll realize the universe is and has always been working with you and not against you. Get out of your own way, redirect your focus and energy, align with what flows. Boi Mc Coy

Last night after a late meeting my car would not start. I sat there and continued to start it over and over again, no luck. I wanted to kick something!
When I finally accepted that there was nothing more that I could do on my own and I definitely could not start the car, my mind turned to finding a solution to the issue. How do I either get the car or get home?
Acceptance moves us from wanting the situation to be different than what it really is to knowing that the situation is here and a choice must be made.

Acceptance moves us away from the fear.
When the car could not start I went immediately into fear, because I was in an underground car park. I thought about how much money would it take to repair it and how this was not budgeted at all.

As soon as I accepted that this is what it is, I knew I did not have to have the solutions to all of that tonight. What I had to do was find a way to get home and to get food!

Acceptance brings us back to the now
Projecting into the future when we are not sure sends us sometimes into a spiral of what if's!
Now is really all that we have

I called the Roadside assistance to come out, start the car and I got home safely.
this morning I had to call the battery people to come to the house to change the battery!
Give thanks

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