Boundaries just make for a peaceful life

Someone hurting you should not be an excuse to hurt them back to make yourself feel better or superior, but instead learn to place a boundary that it’s not okay to do what was done to you, you are not anyone’s dumpster or feelings caretaker unless you agree to be and help with. Trey Wings

Boundaries are essential for a peaceful and self-directed life. There must be some sort of assessment of self which leads to knowing what is acceptable to you.
What makes you comfortable.
What makes you thrive.
What gives you that level of self respect.
Boundaries is not about shutting others out and putting up a wall or fence around you, it is about having the knowledge of self and the courage to let others know what is okay with you.
If we have little or no knowledge of self, if we have little or no self respect it will be very difficult to set boundaries. Challenges with that include excessive people pleasing, putting others first to the detriment of your health and well being. Saying no will be hard in these circumstances.
Boundaries is really saying to you and those around you, I have this level of self respect. This is what I am willing to accept from myself first and then anyone else. Beyond that we will either have a problem or need to have a discussion.
Makes a better life for all

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