Committed to Trust!

Do you not see that all your misery comes from the strange belief that you are powerless? ACIM

Someone asked me why did I leave Africa and what do I plan to do when I am at home. I said It was time to leave and I have no plans yet apart from finding a place to live! Well at first there was a moment of silence and then the questions began. You have no plans? You just left? In these times you just left a job and come to nothing? Hmm yea! I think you are mad!

For a few seconds I thought hmm, am I mad?
but then, I thought I may be mad but I want to feel free, I want to serve, I want to do things that I want to do, not what the world and society thinks that I should do! Don't let people should on you!
This is not going to be easy but I am  committed to this, I am committed to following my purpose, my bliss and sticking with it! I am ready because life is always in session!
And just like that I got a call to go and see a place that was available for rent from a friend of mine, I went and within ten minutes I found a place to live, like right on cue, a reminder from the Universe to trust!! So on to the next! Stay tuned!!

What are you committed to trusting?


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