Launch day is here! yayyyyy

I pray today to be EMANCIPATED. . . EMANCIPATED from fear and all its children: worry, fret, doubt, can't, shoulda/woulda/coulda, procrastina- tion, shrinking, hiding and 'don't know'. EMANCIPATED from pride, arro- gance, thinking I know what's best, thinking I'm superwoman and erroneously believing I can do it all on my own. Innervisions
Living in the deep, breathing in the deep, loving in the deep, growing in the deep, grieving in the deep. Coloring outside the lines even when you’re afraid. Stepping outside of the box jumping on top. Make no mistake, there will be the temptation to re-enter the box thinking it is a safe place because you have lived in that box for so long. It was more than an acquaintance. You may have even call...ed it your friend, lover and home. But, let’s take an honest look at the box. It can be suffocating, strangulates the very core of your soul’s essence and threatens to silence you once and for all! Anyways, Blessed to have another moment, another daydream, another moment, another maybe, some more minds to get into! Launching a book today in my home country! I'm still in awe of it all and giving big thanks- breathin it in......Peace!


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