People Do what they Do

People do what people do.  Things happen that seem unfair, unjust, unwarranted or unnecessary.  This does not make them wrong or us right.  This is reality.  How we respond to our reality is a matter of choice, not anger.  It is a matter of using our voice rather than feeling victimized.  We all get to choose who we speak to, who we interact with, how we stand or choose not to stand in our relationships with all people.  There are no exceptions.  When someone in your life engages in behaviour that you believe is offensive, dishonorable, destructive or unproductive, it is self-honoring, self-supportive and self-loving to protect yourself.  Iyanla
I was just about to set it off! you know blow a fuse! Lose my mind and say something outta timin! (as we say in Trini) and it kicked in! People do what they do! One of my greatest lessons was to never take things personally! So instead of that approach I just calmly said " Hey, that behaviour take it somewhere else and the next time, if there is a next time, you better come correct or don't come at all" I think it shocked them because you know most times people expect you to cuss them out! The best thing we have at our disposal is choice! We get to choose who we associate ourselves with, who we hang out with, who we work it, its awesome! Choice!!! Exercise yours today!!


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