Just respond with love

generally most of the people are just complaining because there’s a certain section of people that the only way they know how to get their needs met or how to get love is through complaining. If that’s the case, we just respond with love and say thank you very much. Mastin Kipp

We respond with love and it feels so much better! And you can love from a far as well! People who constantly complain and those that are vicious for no reason, I have now learnt is really a call for love, a cry for love. A Course in Miracles says, they are the ones that need love more than anyone else, they may have never seen, experienced, know or care to know about love and being loving! We are born with love, then we learn fear!

I have a jar where I put 25 cents when I moan and complain about things I know and I know and I know that I can do something about, when I know it is me shirking responsibility, where I know I am living in fear! I see the jar everyday and I know when it is filling up that I need to regroup, press reset on my self love and start taking responsibility! When the jar fulls up I give away the cash (it hasn't filled right to the top yet lol) 

Show some love today, first to yourself then to the ones around you who you know need it! It might be a smile or a kind word. Hey, what you give out, comes back to you tenfold!

I'm going to empty my jar now!


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