When the "noise" gets turned up....

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. If your washing machine won’t work, you are being checked out on your ability to peacefully accept the unacceptable. If you are addicted to your appliances always working, you will suffer. If you prefer them to operate well, you will not
compound your problem by superimposing your uncomfortable emotions on
the here and now realities of repairing them. Ken Jeyes Jr.

Ever so often I go back and read Ken Keyes' work to remind myself of a few things, one, everyone and everything around me is my teacher and two that  we can  become so emotionally programmed that we feel that we must have power to control and manipulate people in order to be happy, and going down that road is a slippery slope! Our lives speak to us daily and it is when we are not fully present, not paying attention is when the noise gets turned up! Think about it, many many times we get signs and we completely ignore it, so what happens, life then does something to make us pay attention and usually its a shock factor! So pay attention to the signs, I have been paying attention again over the last few days, the noise has been turning up.

So it is good to remind myself ever so often that I need to pay attention, be aware and know that even a broken washing machine can be giving me a message! (ps no, my machine is not broken)


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