Why do you not have what you desire?

A consequence is the result, outcome, effect, ramification and the aftermath of everything you think, feel, say and do. Some consequences are immediate. Others take a while to manifest at the physical level. In either case, you will pay a consequence for every thought and emotional experience or expression you dwell.
There will also be a consequence when you do not honor your commitments or remain in alignment with your intentions. (taken from Pump of the Power Level 3)

What do you really want? Can you answer that in 25 words or less? Not a whole long story, a declaration of what you really desire. Can you be clear and short and precise?

If you do not have what you desire, why not?
Why do you not have what you desire? Not the stories and excuses, the real reason, the brutal honest truth.

I am using the word desire rather than want as the word want denotes lack and limitation.

So why not?

If you do not know what you want then how can you get it?
If you have not taken the time to search your heart and soul for the desires that you wish to manifest then how can you take actions to achieve them?

This is how simple it is.

For example, I know I want a life of joy. Now, what does joy look like to me? Do you know what brings you joy? I took the time to evaluate it because when I was asked the question I could not give a straight answer! Watching Arsenal FC play football brings me joy, travelling the world brings me joy, sitting talking politics and history with my granma brings me joy, curling up with a good book brings me joy. I know now, I took the time to know.

I know I want to serve the world by speaking, teaching, writing books, working with women, developing rural communities, have a family. This is my desire. Why do I not have all of it yet?
Fear! Fear of opening up myself, fear of being judged, fear of a broken heart, not trusting the process, not letting go when I am supposed to (all decisions made in fear). I know that now, so I am working on this and asking myself daily what would you do if you were not afraid? Its a work in progress but I do something everyday to overcome it, sometimes it doesn't work but hey, at least I tried and I learn the lessons from the decision and I am ready for the consequence.

So ask yourself, what do I really want/desire? What do I really really want/desire? And then spend some time with that, then ask yourself Why do I not have it yet?

If you feel like sharing, drop me a line or a comment, we can make the journey together!

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