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Don't give up & Don't Give in

You hear the voice of reason
Telling you this can't never be done
No matter how hard reality seems
Just hold on to your dreams
Don't give up and don't give in
Although it seems you never win
- Sounds of Blackness
Yesterday the graduation of the 7th installment of the NiNa Young Enterprise and Entrepreneur's Programme. I really had loads of fun and felt so peaceful inside This programme saved my life, it was at a time when I was really at my wits end as to how to move forward in my life. I decided to put my attention elsewhere, on something other than myself. I had no idea how it would pan out and here we are 6 years later going strong attracting volunteers and friends, unleashing young women into the world that are confident.  We did a new thing yesterday, all local products from young entrepreneurs for the food, the prizes, everything, totally inspiring and having them see that we are walking the talk The other awesome thing was the guest speaker was also from the school a…

What's the Alternative of Positive?

clarity of desire, root into the depths of positivity, fend off doubts with Faith, and repeat. Every minute of every day, give or take. Danielle La Porte

People tell me I am positive. What exactly does that mean I am not sure. 
Oh you are so positive? What's the alternative though? I sometimes want to ask what they mean but I haven't yet done it. It is a recurring theme,  it's either "you are so positive or how come you are so positive"
How come you are so positive? 
Truly, I don't set out everyday to be "positive" I set out daily to live a life which is one of peace and progress. In order for me to do this, complaining, moaning and stressing out is completely off the table, that does not mean that I do not get sad, frustrated, angry and upset. It means that when I do I can feel the feelings knowing that they are guides, they will pass and to remember that peace is my goal. 
This takes some work, it takes me filling up my cup before I leave the house to …

What is Your Definition of Success?

Outward appearances are highly subject to change. A multi-millionaire can find himself bankrupt overnight and the beggar can find himself a millionaire. There are no absolutes in outward appearances. The problem with this is, that if you are using such changeable things to define your self worth, then you are left aiming at an always-moving target because there will always be someone richer, more attractive, more materially successful than you. It can be no other way in the physical world of the relatives. Tania Kotsos

What is your definition of success?
I would love for you to share with me. 

Success is freedom
It is the ability to make decisions and be at peace with it even when the appearances to others seems off, it seems crazy, Success is the ability to change my mind
It is the feeling of gratitude for everything knowing that this too shall pass
it is knowing that I have the responsibility to and make my life as I want based on my responses to the uncontrollable eventss
It is doing what…

What Do You Value?

Your self worth is a function of how you value yourself. To build your self worth you must first discover your values and then make up your own definition of success. Your values are nothing more than what you value in life. You probably already know that society places excessive value on the outward appearances of success, such as money, material possessions, physical appearance, marital status, career and so on. In contrast, little consideration is ever given to the loftier values of a person, such as love, integrity, kindness, emotional intelligence, forgiveness and inner balance, when defining one's success. This means that we have a warped definition of success based largely on outward appearances, which really results in a warped sense of self worth. Tania Kotsos

Yesterday a Tropical Storm hit the islands, there were all sorts of storm warnings, advisories, information given to secure your valuables and be safe. I sat at home thinking okay, what do I value? What would be the …

What Were You Thinking?

To become the master of your destiny, you must learn to control the nature of your dominant, habitual thoughts. Mind Your Reality

What occupies your mind all the time or even most of the time? Is it fearful imagined thoughts about what can go wrong, what is not working, who is doing you wrong and who is causing you to not achieve your desired life?
Or are your thoughts focused on your goals, your dreams, how you can learn or use setbacks to move in the direction of your desired life?
Are your thoughts about what you don't have? or are they about what is to come with the combination of work, focus and faith?
Are they thoughts about the lessons you are learning?
At first, it really freaked me out when I realized that my dominant thoughts are reflected in my  current reality! I could not believe that I could sabotage my own self based on my own dominant thinking, that it was no one's fault, this was on me! And a funny thing happened when I stopped being freaked out and accepted it, on…

How can I use these feelings to guide me?

Divine Substance has not run out - Rev Shaheera 
I spent my formative adult years in London, many of my first happened in that city. Some of my closest friends - those who I consider family-still live there.  I sat frozen looking at the Grenfell Flats burn, over 500 families lived in that building, some of which none made it!  I know people who live in the area, I am still in shock and disbelief that this has happened. It is a totally shocking wake up call and I am afraid that if something does not change then the lessons will continue. And we know when the lessons are not learnt what happens. More of same! 
I ask myself, how can I support? How can I be more conscious in my own life because it is our collective consciousness that makes up the world, the world reflects our thoughts, words and actions. What are you thinking and doing? The world is showing us that some new and different thinking and doing is essential it really, really starts with us.
I am sad, I feel sad about this tragedy, it …

Jumping Out

When has shrinking ourselves because of fear helped us? It has never helped.Fear is an emotion that should visit and when it leaves, it should make you brave.It should make you want to do more, create more and learn more. Fear is normal but when we let fear stay too long, it paralyses us. Ijeoma
Yesterday, the fun was on! J Chat, a new entertainment series, interviewed me and was gracious enough to allow for a reading on the roof top!

What was exciting is the crew, all young women who are focused, serious and driven. They have decided to jump out and do something different
I felt compelled to support this venture and also extremely proud to be asked to be a part of this venture
What a wonderful lesson, stepping out, doing and learning, despite not knowing the outcome for sure - the true definition of faith

Totally excited now to see the final product

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You Already Are It

Beloveds, there is nothing you need that you do not already have. You are equipped to handle anything. You are one with the Source. Iyanla Vanzant
Staring at you right in the face is your life- giving you clues and signs all the time to start there, to be grateful there, to embrace and accept right there Instead, we seek, we keep seeking out something to make us feel "better about ourselves" and most time what we believe we miss is money, status and a relationship But what are we looking for in those things that makes us better? Love Acceptance Belonging Relevance
Listen lovies- you ARE all that, you cannot seek what you already are, you will not find it! Catch that!

Random- Not Random Events

Keep steady. Keep the focus. And if the chance arises, make sure you are prepared for the opportunity. Life will prepare you. Stillness will prepare you. And if one consults one's shrine one will soon come to realize that one can not miss that which was meant for them. Be mindful of distractions. If you forget that you are blessed, it will begin to seem that way. The Floacist
I used to tutor her in Accounting back in the day, she was at school and I was just about finishing my secondary school, we lost touch, I moved out of the country. And then after many years we saw each other again and started chatting again, she lived in the US and I was still in the UK
Technology allows us to connect when used in a positive way and in this case we used it positively to stay in touch ever so often. She sent me a message that she is a part of a book club and they were interested in featuring "What Did I Learn Today - Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love"  Naturally I was del…

Intuition leaves you with options

People are always curious, how to know if what they're sensing is intuition, or just an emotional charge. The answer is usually quite simple, intuition leaves no emotional trail; does not arrive with even the slightest emotional attachment . . . not even a tiny one. Intuition is an excellence of your total awareness; arrives without preference or attachment to the revelations involved, and then leaves you neutral . . . with options.Guru Singh

Some one asked me on Saturday how does one know if it their intuition speaking? 
Very interesting question I thought. 
On my Journey to Intuition I learnt that it is a whisper that sometimes defies all manner of logic but as soon as the decision is made, you become at peace. There is no question in your mind, despite the outward appearance, that the decision has been made with Divine Guidance
The challenge is are we willing to listen
Are we willing to get still
Are we willing to make a decision that seems illogical and totally crazy by others
Are we…

Your Feelings Are Powerful

When we allow ourselves to feel our present moment feelings we can respond from our heart and not from our past wounds or our future concerns and worries. Unprocessed feelings become distortions that also lead to illness and dis-ease. When we ignore our feelings, because we don’t want to feel the pain, we stuff them in our energy fields where they begin to fester. Eventually, our denied feelings move into the physical body and announce themselves as an imbalance, illness, pain, virus or disease. When we are connected to our feelings and allow ourselves to fully process through them so we can release them, we become a clear vessel fully connected to the guidance of our soul and spirit. When we block, stuff or ignore our feelings our body will respond with a pain or symptom and let us know when we are out of alignment with our truth When we allow ourselves to pause at our feelings instead of ignoring them or leaping forward into our emotions, we put ourselves in a place of power.Sabrina …

There will be Consequences

More me. More expression. More connection. More Feelings. Come with More criticism. But that’s part of the deal. It’s what I want. Sean Coxton Have you ever heard the saying "be careful what you ask for"?   When you ask for the dream to be realized, for the goal to be met there will be consequences, oh yes! There will be faith required, there will be a time to slay doubts, there will be leaving some people behind, there will be some crying When you ask for the dream to be realized there will be some alone time, are you prepared to be alone sometimes? When you ask for the dream to be realized there will be some willingness required. Are you ready to be willing/ When you ask for the dream to be realized there will be some courage required, dream making ain't for cowards, dream making takes gumption When you ask for the dream to be realized there will be some authenticity, realness- are you willing to be real? Be careful what you ask for because there will be consequences Peace It&#…

Forgive Yourself

I am now willing to forgive myself...for the judgments I have held about myself and against myself. Here is a prayer for you today. Blessed and Divine Holy Spirit, today I forgive myself. I forgive myself for judging my true Self less than a perfect creation of God. I forgive myself for judging my Self not enough and not good enough. I forgive myself for not asking for what I need and want. I forgive myself for believing I do not deserve to be happy. I forgive myself for all of the things I have done and not done in support of this belief. I forgive myself for judging my Self unworthy. I forgive myself for all the things I have done that supported this belief. I forgive myself for all the judgments I have held against my Self. I forgive myself for all of my behaviors that supported me in holding judgments against my Self. I forgive myself for the judgments I have held against my body. I forgive myself for believing I have any inabilities. I forgive myself for the judgments I have hel…

The Law Of Surrender

This physical body of yours is here to advance you through the evolution of time, not for the collection of resources, or the accumulation of trinkets. Our prayer is that you’re over with all accumulation; that you’re no longer attracted to keeping score in the game; that you’re ready to use this body as an instrument of highest consciousness, and share this joy with everyone. You are a master teacher. Guru Singh

To surrender does not mean putting your hands in the air and flying a white flag, it is not defeat, giving up or failing. To surrender is to be wise. It is wise to accept the flow of life’s energy rather than resist it. To surrender is to accept “What is now” unconditionally and to give up, without any reservations whatsoever, any inner resistance to “What is now”.

By making a conscious choice at this moment, and in every present moment of now, to fully accept that the present moment is as it should be, then by surrendering to this knowledge you are more powerful than you could…

Don't Push the River

Do not push the river. Wait. Neale Donald Walsh
Waiting is more than just passing time in between you having a thought and turning it into something real Waiting is more that the time between events Waiting is about the how! How do you wait? The how makes a difference Do you wait with a frown or a smile? I tapping of feet or signing of song? Do you wait with a litany of complaints? Do you wait with a song? How do you wait? I have learnt that waiting is a demonstration of faith, trust and patience. That waiting is a demonstration of self belief, compassion and respect. It also demonstrates how much you believe in your vision and it's manifestation! So how do you wait? Peace During My Birthday Month of June - Download for Free My Best Selling Book

There is no fixing it

people are not things made to be "fixed"; you cannot "fix" a person. their healing can only happen when they are open to receiving it. Joel Leon

I was a fixer! I wanted to fix everything around me, that I thought or believed needed fixing,things had to be in order- my order, people had to be in order, according to my definition- that I was sure was my role in life

And then the situations came and it could not be "fixed" no matter what I did, there was no fixing it

Then I realised that there is nothing to fix, people are people, even when they are completely and totally different to you and what you stand for, or so you think, it may just be all mirrors and that you may be denying the truth that is staring you right in the face!

Give acceptance a go!
Give non judgement a go!
Give giving up on wanting things your way a go!
Give questioning what your folks told you to believe a go! the core beliefs you have adopted that no longer serves you
Give bei…

Open for Business

Let's make a toast to those who helped make this occasion - Shalamar

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!

Over the past few years I have gone away and spent the time with myself either in a quiet spot or in nature. This year I wanted to continue the trend. My good friend said to me, why don't you celebrate yourself and open it up to those who want to celebrate not just with you but celebrate you? Why are you closed? Open up for business sis!
Open up for business?  Yes, open up! 
Okay sis, I take that with all the love you said it with
So today on the beginning of my new year, I declare hear ye hear ye - Open for Business
Catch ya'll on the flip side Peace
Because its June. My birthday month. I am gifting free ebook copies of my best selling second book Nyabo(Madam) Why Are You Here? all month long....
Link it.Share it.

You have to have the capacity to see beyond where you are

You have to have the capacity to see beyond where you are We live  in a very mechanistic society that puts us in a fix it mode so we start with the problem, we focus on it then we try to figure out how we can change the problem so all of our attention goes to the problem. You want to get  somewhere?
You can’t have all your attention on the problem - Deborah L Johnson Since the US Election last November it seems like the focus is on the negative and the fear and the disbelief that came along with the fact that the US has a new President. My friends  many of who live in the US has expressed their shock and disbelief. I myself, when I heard the news, could not believe it, I remember the moment I heard I was in London Heathrow checking in for a flight to Nairobi, it was the talk of the day. I said then and continue to say it, that it is a giant wake up call with the loudest alarm that takes no snooze.  It became apparent to me again after hearing about the withdrawal of the US from the Climate…

Its all about Perspective

that there will come a time when you believe
everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Neale Donald Walsh

Perspective is important, your end my really be a beginning, your end may be someone else's start, your sorrow may really be joy wrapped up in sandpaper! And how do you gain perspective? I think it is a combination of your beliefs. Because from your belief comes the experience If you believe in something it is true for you and then the experience comes into the world to validate that belief. It is never ever your words, it is always the belief behind them Are the words, thoughts and actions lining up? If they are not lining up, what happens is the beliefs start manifesting themselves into reality
I believed that I never had enough, that I had to keep doing and doing and working and striving to get enough. I worked hard and that hard work manifested in more of not enough - why? Beliefs So when I recognized it was the beliefs, what happened? I questioned them and thought okay,…

Are You Fueled to Live Your Truth?

Influence is measured by the ability to inspire action and create spaces that didn't previously exist. Pioneers who shift paradigms and redesign industries aren’t driven by a desire to be validated, but are instead fueled by an instinct to live their truth.Julian Mitchell
I am inspired by people who live their truth
with no apology, no guilt,  absolutely no fear - with a sense of authenticity they show up as themselves every single time. 
Many of them did not start off that way, it took them  growing pains, heartbreaks,  lost friends, heck even some lost family members as well but they persevered and knew that behind all of that there was a peace that passes all understanding.

Living your truth takes courage, it really is not about being a jerk and saying whatever is on your mind no matter what. It is an intention to pay attention to that calling of your soul and move forward despite people calling you crazy and the "haters" It is the intention to be truthful and honest and …

Free Will is a Gift

Free will is a Universal Law! Humans have been given free will to experience, to create and to grow gaining wisdom through their creations regardless if they are constructive or destructive. Sabrina Reber

Free will is the ability to make choices and having full responsibility for one's actions (Responsibility - the ability to respond) 
Yes we all know that things happen, circumstances occur which we had absolutely nothing to do with. How do you respond? What choices do you make in this instant?
Acting from a place of fear and ego is a choice whether conscious or unconscious, what happens when we act from a place of fear and ego? Our lives show us the result. We see it though a lack of peace and contentment when the decision is made, cause and effect is a law, we may get ill, we may attract certain types of people to us. All of this is an attempt by the Universe to say - pay attention, just one more time. Are you using your free will to enhance your self and the world around you?

Any o…