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You Are Divine

Accept the fact that you are Divine - Iyanla

The whole concept of "who are you?" is one that still fascinates me for many a reason includeing that we hardly ever contemplate it as a serious question and accept the definition of ourselves from our parents and sociaety, that knowing who we are is critical in making decisions that honor who we are and that knowing it provides a solid platform and foundation upon which to build.

My story of finding out is well documented and told- I was "forced" to contemplate it in a corner in a place in Northern Uganda on the spot, with many eyes upon me. I was told that nothing moves until I know and say out loud who I was with pride and confidence- a seminal moment in the shift of my own living

I sometimes forget who I am, because really remembering who I am holds me accountable and involves busting out comfort zones, unlearning patterns, questionuing norms and at times being darn uncomfortable. But all that never changees who I am…

Make Another Choice

If you think you’re defective or in need of fixing (which is the biggest lie of all), you will most definitely attract lovers, teachers, preachers, and politicians who want to so-called “love” you, and “fix” you, and “lead” you Danielle La Porte
Have you ever asked yourself or maybe even asked others "What the hell is wrong with me? why do I continue to make the same mistakes?" We turn around and realise that we are doing the same things in the same place many times with the same people, then we get to the point where we are asking"what the hel is wrong with me?" Well my lovies, I have learnt that there is nothing wrong! Yes, catch that! there is nothing wrong, it is basically a combination of not willing to do the work and making the same choices over and over again, so here's the thing. Make another choice, get another idea and know this, when you do there is work to be done to put it in place Are you willing to do the work? Make another choice about the food tha…

Lighten Up

Lighten up your enlightenment.Transformation doesn't have to be deep, dark, and mysterious. If you screw up, fine—laugh at yourself, learn, and move on. Iyanla
Laugh at it, laugh at the stuation, find the humour. It ain't all that serious, really it isn't! Think about all of the seemingly embarassing moments you've had - sometimes that shit is funny! Lighten up
Fun is important as we grow, we are gonna cock up, it teaches us humilty, it imcreases our self esteem , nothing small would get us out of sync
So go ahead, laugh, have fun and know that the next time will be better Peace
Please support this project that I am involved in to assist in the training of 6 young women from South Africa

Old Me...This me

While burying negative or uncomfortable feelings can numb the pain, it also may inevitably dull your ability to experience your more positive and pleasurable feelings. You may find yourself afraid to open up in the future for fear of getting hurt. The feelings we deny aren’t limited to anger and sadness. Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy. In learning how to express your intense emotions in a healthy way, you are giving yourself the freedom to fully experience the more joyful emotions that come with being alive.
The old me would leave it to fester, to bury it in the bowels far far away This me, I write it out, cry, do some exercise, talk a little more The old me would say nothing to be liked and avoid "seeming conflict" This me would say something as kindly as I can The old me may have not taken responsibility or find blame This me has decided that it's all me, I am responsible for my life The old me would not even be wrting about this  This me says…


You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behaviour of others in order for you to thrive. Your attention to things that you think they do keeps you from thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from thriving. It is not what they do to you; its what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you Abraham.

I was having a conversation with someone I consider a friend, someone who I admire their resilience, discipline, focus and committment to making their life better despite their circumstance. I usually like chatting with my friend, as well as the odd hanging out, shooting the breeze, talking and laughing sharing ideas. 
I spoke to my friend last week and thought to myself that the response was a bit short so I asked if there was a problem, the response was that "I am at work, so cannot talk, have a good day" I accepted that and moved on noting to chat later.
I reached out to my friend over the weekend, wi…

Listen to the Whisper

Here's the thing...It's natural to feel weird and want out. And it's normal to strive for joy and joy and joy. Without realizing you are joy. Maxie Mccoy
Think about that time you knew that person for you, wasn't right. Maybe it was a lover or a good friend. You knew deep down there were some red flags. You saw them but pushed them off. All the signs, all the feelings in your bones, pointed to get out now. But you didn't. 

Then there were more clear messages. But you ignored. Until finally you're facing a giant and massive brick wall that feels like an utter crisis to get through.
Shoulda listened to the murmur in the beginning that told you something about this isn't right.

We get those messages all the time. But sometimes we're not listening. Sometimes we don't want to: because it'll require a tough conversation.
Because it'll require forgoing 'safety.'
 Because it'll require an unknown. 
Because it doesn't feel 'secure.' 

Unveiling 2017

On the journey to self-trust, trying to prove something never works. Either you know, believe and trust that you can do a thing and you do it, or you don't believe you can do it, force yourself to work on getting it done and then sabotage it. Iyanla

Unveiling 2017 - Looking into the Mirror of Self ended yesterday. It went wildy beyond my expectations, the love, the connection, the laughter, the flow- I did not even anticipate that the outcome would be this moving
The team that put this together are some courageous, dynamic, supportive, loving and kind women, I love them all and today sit in gratitude of what they were able to do with limited resources and some of my own self doubt thrown in
The venue was fabulous, the peace and tranquility, the comfort, the scenery. 
I sit today in gratitude
Lessons on the Journey

1. Show up, as yourself
2. Be Kind, always
3. Listen 
4. Gratitude is the greatest multiplier
5. Go thru hard even when feeling the fear
6. Ask for support if you require it
7. Love…

Level Up

Getting tackled by the other team doesn’t necessarily mean you're weak or that you made a wrong move. It means you’re in the game, not on the sidelines. If you’re playing full on, you’re going to take some hits. Take it like the light warrior that you are. Rely on your team. And get back up and run farther, even faster. DLP
This weekend will be a first, if the team around me did not volunteer to be on board, this would never happen. I am forever grateful Level up the team around you, level it up! Level up the love, the gratitude, the support, the authenticity Level up means support your team, support your friends, when they have a dream, a goal, Level up means when you have a dream and a goal and the ones around you are salty, be courageous to to recognise that you may have to get another crew because just maybe you have outgrown this one and if you don't the Universe is self correcting and would do ehat it has to do to ensure that you level up, that may not be pretty so why not do…

Who Are You Becoming?

I think there is a lot you learn from what has happened to you, what you have had to confront, not how many books you have read about leadership, not how peaceful the environment you have grown up in. Those difficulties, that kind of a situation I think explains the conditions you are operating under or things you face, if you have made the choice to deal with it Paul Kigame
One of my friends says many times that the proof is in the pudding, not being one to fancy pudding I always chuckled at it and responded that I guess I will not be finding the proof because I will not touch the stuff. Stale jokes to really make the seriousness of a matter lighter Nothing beats experience, nothing beats going in and taking action, going through the fire. Nothing The books, the courses, the YouTube vidoes, the Internet and social media will provide information and guidance however, the experience of putting it into the action trumps it all.  The choices you make, the reactions that you have and the les…


However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?"
- Buddha
The old proverb says action speaks louder than words.  Words alone cannot make dreams realise Words alone cannot make you write the book, sing the song, get the degree, paint the picture, play the instrument, words alone will just not do it You got to move yourself, do the thing, get off your but, literally and in your vocabulary. All the "buts" that are in your way.
Words are part of the puzzle, you must speak it into being does not mean just say it and it will manifest, some work on it is involved, some self belief, some movement, its a combo!
Order up your combo and wait for the dreams to manifest Peace

This Need Not Be

This need not Be ACIM
One of the beautiful things I love about  A Course in Miracles(ACIM) is its simplicity. The Course talks about the power of our mind, and how much we misuse its power especially by 
 1. not forgiving, especially ourselves and
 2.judging others. 

From the actions of non forgiveness and judging we project our guilt onto others and we also punish ourselves through the choices we make.  Guilt demands punishment and so we make choices where we punish ourselves.
The Course says simply - this need not be. 
Start simply by saying that to yourself in a moment where you have made a choice which leaves you with no peace. 
When you are constantly sad, know that - This need not be  When you are  constantly anxious and afraid know that - This need not be When you  constantly feel guilty know that - This need not be
A simple statement, said with belief starts a shift This need not be
Give it a go

Are You Ready and Willing for Growth?

Making mistakes is a sign of growth; of trying something brand new, or so unusual that you don’t recognize it. There can never be growth without trying something new -- there cannot be growth without mistakes. Making mistakes is rewarded by nature, it’s the elimination of possibilities on the road to accomplishment Guru Singh
Raise your hand, right up if you believe in growth? 
Newsflash - if you do and is willing to grow guess what, you are going to make mistakes, things may turn out completely different to what is in your mind. So, if you are afraid, ashamed, unwilling, don't want to rock any boats and maintain the status quo, guess what, there will be no growth
Apply this to everything! Every.single.thing Diet Exercise Jobs Opening a Business Writing a Book and I can continue listing
Shifting a gear, moving to another level requires a change of mindset, a change of action, a self belief, the belief that you may just look "stoopid"  dropping the defenses and the excuses and justi…

The Principle of Surrender

In order to raise our vibrations and access the truth of our being we will need to “feel” our way through this process not “think” our way through it. Sabrina Reber
Surrender refers to a state of physical, mental, and emotional inaction which provides an energetic opening which facilitates Divine Presence and activity.
Surrender refers to the yielding or giving over of self, desires, intentions and outcomes which is not equivalent to disinterest.Rather, surrender is a state of detachment from the details and controlling the details related to how the outcome must or will unfold.
It is a state of neutrality which allows events to unfold without limitation, judgment or resistance.

Surrender is the active state of remembrance that there is a divine law and order to activities and events.

As a state of consciousness and being, surrender means being flexible, willing and open to the flow, influence, energy and power of Divine Presence. In the realm of common experience, surrender is thought of …

My Joy List

It is your moral duty to be happy Neale Donald Walsh
Yesterday was one of those days, you know the type where you have to pull out all of the lessons out of the tool kit, where you want to cuss out someone then cry in the car but know that maybe that the cussing in public might not end up very well for anyone! Where you put on some music in the car after and sing like you're winning. Ever had one of those days? As I was preparing for bed, I looked back on the day and thought, heck, let's choose 2 things that bring me joy and make me smile and focus on that, and would you know, I came up with a list, by the end of it I was chuckling at some of the memories associated with them and at the randomness of it all Lesson: look for the light, and.... know what brings you joy So here are some of the things that bring a smile to my face, a joy to my heart and a passion to my being I call it my JoyList 1.  Watching Arsenal Football Club play - if it's live even better, if it is a North Lon…

Press On

if it's not the worst thing, then don't act like it is just because it wasn't your exact plan or timeline. Most times curveballs aren't the worst. They're simply a changeup you didn't see coming. Maxie McCoy

I did not see it coming. The expectations were high, this project will help in defining me in my own mind, in my growth and evolution, of shifting out of my comfort zone. I had a picture of how exactly I wanted it to look.
Well truth be told, it is not looking as I want it to look - not at all
Lesson Number One - control - you just don't know what is going to happen tomorrow - expect the unexpected and handle it.  Surrender in this case means do the work and leave the rest, trust and believe.

The thing morphed into something else - something that I did not envision- so I had a choice. Resist or Flex.
Lesson Number Two - Resistance is an absolute waste of time and energy, save the energy for the flex.Its much more fun

The stress levels were different Les…

It's all about perspective

Look around and notice possibility is everywhere - Maya Angelou
I love me some Maya Angelou, she represents to me a demonstration that everything that happens in our lives we can use positively. Her life was a testament that excuses are non! whatever has happened to us we can use it in some way for the elevation of yourself and those around you I listen to her voice and it comes in my head when I want to give up "be a blessing to somebody, be a rainbow in someone else's cloud and see how you move forward" and I did that. as small as it is, a kind word, a smile. sometimes even silence, just listening. Can you imagine if we all did that? In our own small way, every little bit adds up.  when we get caught up in our own lives complaining about small things, be a blessing to somebody, when the ego takes over, be a rainbow in a cloud when we get trials, turn them into triumps, look them in the eye and see the possibilites because its all about perspective Peace

Start the Trusting Process with Trusting You

“When you do not trust yourself, what you feel, and what you know, you will expect people to be who they are not. You will hope against hope that they will do things you already know they cannot do. You will expect them to be who you want them to be rather than trusting what you know about who they are and what they are capable of doing. This is not trust. This is magical thinking, and engaging in it will set you up for a big letdown. Trusting yourself is important when dealing with others because it protects you from repeated violations and devastating heartbreaks.”  Iyanla

The first place you have to put trust in is you
trusting how resilient you are
trusting that you are more resilient than you think you are
resilient - the ability to withstand and bounceback with lessons in tow

We tend to think "we cannot survive it"
We tend to think "we cannot afford it"
We tend to think "we can wait until the right moment" (newsflash there is no right moment!)
We te…

Sit in it for a Hot Minute

Massive action = massive results Tony Robbins
As we sat in the restaurant with the young ladies celebrating nothing but being alive and the ability to break bread together my mind wandered on how I got here, I thought about whether I would be able to do this for some young ladies in the future- this meaning have the financial ability to take 12 young ladies to one of the best restaurants in the city and celebrate them. The ability to make my Foundation sustainable, the ability to contribute both financially and emotionally to the lives that I want to touch.  Confessions on the Journey - I was a little depressed for about an hour. Really! Truly!  Why? The fear of risk and losing outweighed the expectations I set for myself based on the past Well, Well, Well - Awareness is a first step The wonderful thing is that the past is gone! poof! this is now and I get to choose So what will it be? Massive action to achieve some Massive goals- this is the beginning, as now is all we really have for sure I…

Caution Tape

treat the situation like a plane crash: Leave everything behind and get out. This tactic may also be necessary in relationships with people who are too wounded, addicted, or emotionally inaccessible to reciprocate your feelings. You can save yourself enormous pain by acknowledging the plain hard truth that some people can’t really love you. Martha Beck

There are some people I am putting the caution tape around.....right now!
It's really okay to love some people from afar, our responsibility is to show up with no judgement and compassion and in love. It is very easy to get caught up in the ego and wanting them to do better but what is the intention behind it, helping can easily turn into co-dependency and enabling and ego stroking

What is your intention behind what you are doing?
If it is guilt- get the caution tape out- for both parties - you and them
If it is "they should know better" - caution tape time
If it is shame - start unrolling the tape
If it's ego stroking - buy …

Do You Ever Question It?

Trade your limiting beliefs for curiosity...Turn major projects into micro steps...Turn unclear behaviours into clear action items...Turn vague visions into clear outcomes...Turn dabbling into a dedication to mastery Mastin Kipp
I ask questions, I ask them for two reasons, to avoid assumptions and to ensure that both parties communicating are clear. What I have learnt in the process is that in asking these questions I also learn. I learn more particularly when I drop all judgements and do not assume that I have the right or perfect answer. What I have also learnt is that there are people who are offended by the questions or those who get defensive - those are the ones who are either triggered, not ready to handle or deal with a particular issue, hiding something, or feel the need to be right. I have learned to recognise it and deal accordingly because until we are ready to acknowledge, accept, be open and willing we will remain stuck I see it also when people ask me questions and I want t…

Love More

I would love to share this with you
Lessons on the Journey

I am faith-filled and fear-free because...I am a celebration of love. Beneath the pain, the disappointment, the resentment and fear that your life will never be as you want it to be, there is love. There is a memory of the touch, the feel, the excitement of love. There is a yearning to know and experience that expression of love. Go there! Be there! Rest there! Celebrate the love that you buried in your heart. When you celebrate love, the unconditional love that lies the beneath all the experiences you have witnessed and participated in, you find a degree of understanding that diminishes mental and emotional anguish. The love beneath the hurt and pain of your life will not allow you to blame anyone. It will stop you from judging yourself and others. The love beneath your pain and the fear of pain will help you to become aware of all the things that you told yourself about love that were just fantasies. Love will remind you no…

Can we just start?

Can we just start where we are .....and trust? Deborah L Johnson

Wanting to have it all lined up and figured out and orderly according to your definition is a receipe for stress. I guarantee it
I'm over it, I am over the obsessiveness of wanting to control and know everything
What if we dare to trust?
What if we dare to believe?

Somethings we just have to leap out on faith, the mystery and magic is part of life, life will not be denied, life just keeps bing life

We keep wanting it to line up based on the past, on society, on fear,on having our own way
What if we trust and believe?
What if we go on what we know NOW?

Im triggered today by this because right now I am planning an event- for the second time
I have no idea about what's going to happen and yes it's pretty darn scary but I have to trust, believe, allow it, align with the belief and own it
What if I trust and do the work to ensure that I am doing my ultimate best?
What if I go with the flow?
What if I believe?

Ten Ways to Practice Self Love

When I started on the journey to self-love, I stopped seeking others’ approval, which meant I gave myself the space to explore other ways of living and I can truly say, life surprised me and met me halfway . Vangile Makwakana

Ten Ways to Pracise Self Love
1. Honestly accept where you are right now without guilt
2. Read something positive daily or listen to positive uplifting music
3. Spend time in nature
4. Include rest, relaxation and exercise as part of your lifestlye
5. Have a strong NO - Say No to the things that dishonour and diminish you
6. Have a strong YES - Say Yes to the things that push your growth and push you outside your comfort zone
7. Forgive.... everyone and everything
8. Do something nice for yourself weekly - (once it's legal of course)
9. Stop comparing your life to those on Instagram and Facebook
10. Show up for life - with an open mind, stop people pleasing and making decisions based on fear and societal constructs

Show up for Life

This idea of "is it convenient". We have this thing that things must always be convenient.
Life comes from out of the blue
Show up... For Life
There is no convenient time for Life Marianne Williamson

That moment when the penny drops, when you get it! when you literally say AHA! As I was heading to Cumana, a lovely village with the most breathtaking of beaches and rivers this week and I stopped at a random beach, I just got out and stood on the sand and the rocks watching the sun rise and the light show on the water and there it was. there was the moment I realised that I was scared of moving ahead, I was scared of doing some of the things I would do before because of fear. I stopped saving, I stopped looking at life from an abundance perspective because I am afraid of losing it all based on what happened a few years ago when I did "lose" those things. But now, the difference is that I am doing it for me, I am doing it because I know I can, I am doing it from a place o…

Will you be Whole?

You being you a whole person and I bring me a whole person – Susan L Taylor
We are busy searching for what we are. We are like the fish in the ocean looking for the sea, we believe that something is missing and we look to people, places and things to tell us who we are to fill the so called void. Newsflash - that never works and when we get what we believe will fill us up it is short lived or we spend most of our time thinking that we are going to lose it Listen to this, our inner being is so full of integrity that it will not allow us to keep anything that we do not believe we deserve to have,
There is an inner healing that has to take place
The acquisition of more will not do the trick
The acquisition of more never makes you whole
Quite the contrary, what makes you whole is the dropping of some of the "stuff" Wholeness is about balance
Wholeness is about putting things in it's proper perspective
Wholeness is not about getting more
Wholeness is letting go of the stuff that doe…

What's Your Ritual?

feed your physical body with great nutrition, exercise and rest; feed your emotional body with effective and cleansing meditation -- reshaping your responses to the moments of life; feed your mental body with the discipline of constructive thinking (mindfulness) . . . do this with both the science of knowledge, and the art of joy. Guru Singh

I have incorporated exercise, meditation and nutrition into my life style. Because it improves how I feel and how I operate. I made it a big part of my life as a conscious decision. It allows for a flow, a flow of ideas, a flow of vibes, a flow of love

when the realisation hit that this life style allows for a flow, so many things changed
Firstly, it no longer became a chore, it became a choice, it no longer was compromised, it was prioritized, the actions became a part of me. Most significantly, the guilt surronding missing these activities is less and less. The flow outweighs the guilt of not doing and the self talk around it

Everyone may have t…

Life...... Use Me!

"Ask the question: How can I be used? Life, use me. Show me through my talents and my gifts, show me through what I know, what I need to know, what I have yet to learn, how to be used in the greater service to life. You ask that question and I guarantee you, the answer will be returned and rewarded to you with fulfillment, which is really the major definition of success for me."
- Oprah Winfrey, addressing the Smith College class of 2017.
Life use me! I love this statement Because life is bigger than me and when I ask this thing that is bigger than me, knows more than I know, dream bigger than I dream, amazing things happen Life use me! I want to be used to make a difference, as Maya Angelou saus " When you see me, you ought to be proud: Life use me! I want to be a demonstration of how life loves us, of how life gives us the tools and skills and when we use it magic happens Life use me! To demonstrate joy and happiness by knowing what brings me joy and taking responsibility f…