A small exercise for you today

I know, you want everybody and everything else to change, your father, your mother,boss, friend,lover,landlord, neighbour, sister or Government official must change so that your life can be perfect. It doesn’t work that way. If you want change in your life then it is you that must do the changing, when you change, then all the people in your world will change in relation to you. (Louise Hay, the queen of affirmations)

Be willing to do something for me today and let me know how it goes, take a moment and just be willing to not judge people and situations today! Just try it. I know, the ego screams at us, they should know better, why are they behaving like that?, why are they so this and why are they so that. Just try it! Its tough, yes! Because we have in our mind how we believe people and the world ought to be! But that’s your view and your view is definitely not the only view in the world! I am not saying to agree with everything, however acceptance is the first step in moving forward and that acceptance is without judgement! So try it, just for one day, leave the judgement and the shoulding and the ego at home! Brutally honest, you really are not superior to other people even if you drive a nicer car, have a so called better job, live in a so called better area, have a better looking partner or wear nicer clothes, all of those things are fleeting and says something about you but when they are all gone who are you?

I’m going to do it as well today because I need a reality check today as well!!

Let me know how it goes!



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