We grow or we stagnate

We grow, or we stagnate.  We form good habits, disciplines, or destructive ones.  Or sometimes both.  We learn from our mistakes, or we keep repeating them until we’re in enough pain to make changes. Dani Shapiro author
I feel really alive and jus plain ole good when I am doing something new, and it might be the simplest of things, like finding a new route home that I never knew before, just to show you how simple I can get down to doing new things! Doing the same thing over and over again for me seems to be a form of stagnation. And that is to say you can get a result but by doing it in a different way, mixing it up a bit! I never tried yoga before I always had the perception that it was boring and I would fall asleep but I wanted to get to a result of optimum fitness and there are many ways of getting there, I decided to give it a go. My aunt convinced me to come with her to a class and I can tell you it was a nice nice feeling! so hey, why not do it its the end result that matters! So as I am here in Port of Spain I joined a yoga class, my good buddy does the class (she's pretty darn good, I think she was born to do this)
It's tougher than I thought but I am giving it my all, I love the feeling of challenging my body to make the stretches and I can see its all about the mind as well!

Anyways, my point is try something new, push yourself, get out of the routine, break the monotony, you might end of liking it!

We almost WORK for a way to figure out why our own situation is hopeless.

Get out the comfort zone, its outside where the magic happens!


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