At home I simply AM

Don’t waste your time wishing, hoping, demanding or begging to get something for nothing. Joyfully put your energy into creating new, useful and beautiful value out of the unique abundance with which you’ve been blessed. Neale Donald Walsh


This morning I set off just after 5am with a good buddy of mine, who was so kind to come and pick me up out of the way of her home and where we were going, (thanks sis!!) to go to Maracas for an early morning beach workout. As we climbed the hills I simply was in awe of how beautiful this drive is,  it would seem like I have never been there before right? Well maybe in a way because I hardly ever took the time to pay attention to the sheer magnificence of the hills, the scenery, the water and green around me but I have been practicing being in the moment and drinking everything all in whether it is a conversation a place whatever it is I am present! (try it, I swear its magical) Anyways, I digress! So the beach workout, the glorious Maracas beach and beauty in front me and the sun rising behind me! I stopped and looked and just screamed THANK YOU!!!


In between the workout, which was super hard, I swear Carlos the trainer came with a mission today! He told us to take a break and we sat at the shore for about five minutes, I sat on a log and looked out at the water, the sunrise, the trees and listened to the waves and the tears just came! Where did that come from? Just the sheer gratitude of being here, being alive, being able to experience such beauty and peace I couldn’t hold them back! What are we missing by rushing around, stressing about, thinking ahead instead of being present?


And this is how I felt at the time, At home, I am loved, appreciated and protected. At home I am nurtured, cultivated and inspired. At home, I give, serve and share. At home I am free to heal and dream, to reflect and correct. At home, I simply Am, true to myself.



  1. Hi, I read about you in the WOW magazine in yesterday's Guardian and I have to say it just brightened my entire day knowing that there's someone like you out there doing what you do for women in the world and T&T. I honestly felt a rush of hope reading that article and I want to be like you :) I'm normally a really shy person but after reading that article I decided I must somehow find you and ended up finding your blog. I couldn't find an email address so here I am leaving a comment.

    1. Thank you for your very kind comments! I'm happy that you reached out! Feel free to join the facebook page, we can also chat there as well!

    2. Thanks for replying and will do!

  2. Here Here to the Comments above!!! I am sure you have brightened many a persons day with your inspiring & motivating words! Keep up the good work...You are proof to the statement..making the world better, one person at a time! You have made an impact and it has created ripples....If only we could all do the same, what a wonderful world it would be!


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