Invest in yourself

What did I learn today?When we unequivocally know how worthy we are, the value we provide in the world is profound.And we get paid for it! Day 1 at the “office” what a beautiful place with beautiful people and beautiful lessons! Brasso Seco, in Super Island T&T and to top it off they made coconut bake and saltfish for me (bake is my favourite food ever!!!)

I am supposed to be doing a 8 day training workshop with rural communities within Trinidad and Tobago. The rural communities have invested in themselves and have a multitude of products available or sale or services available which they believe will enhance their communities. I am humbled to be a part of it!

So I will be in areas such as Speyside Tobago, Heights of Aripo, Along the North Coast and who knows where else! I'm pretty excited about it!!
New journey!!!



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