Subtle Actions add up!

It is in our thoughts of unworthiness that we create a life that is out of harmony with what we truly desire. Slowly, day by day, as we change our thoughts from unworthiness to worthiness, from doubting our dreams and intuition to believing, we will begin to take subtle different actions. These actions will eventually add up one at a time until we don't even recognize our life anymore Mastin Kipp

This weekend I was in a situation where I was mulling over what to do! Faced with a few choices, I had those choices running races in my head and then as happens most time I got still and listened to that still voice (it never screams at first until you ignore it and life starts screaming and shouting by the situations that occur)

Anyways, seriously I heard clearly – start believing and then take action from that place! Put yourself first!

Huh?? When you act from a belief and self acceptance the choices you make are for your best interests and that is all!

Ok then well here we go! That’s exactly what will be happening today and forward!

I’m pretty darn excited about it as well, as soon as I embraced that somehow my energy levels just raised and I felt rearing and ready to go!

Try it! Let me know how it goes




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