Be willing to piss someone off for your happiness

Choose to live from the centre of your being and become the director of your own life. Do not allow other people’s opinions, judgments, criticisms and beliefs deter you from living your own authentic, divinely aligned life. Be true to yourself and release all people, places and things that do not empower you. You are a divine spark, a piece of God, and no one but you and God knows what is best for you. Sabrina Reber

Many of us look outside of ourselves for most things, for the so called answers, for approval, for validation, for WHAT???? I’ve learnt that this whole search for approval and validation is a never ending spiral of people pleasing! And people pleasing is ova!!! According to Iyanla, the boss in my book, if you want to live an authentic life you must be willing to piss some people off, oh yea and they will be pissed off and many times with good intentions! Especially your family, but hey, are you living your life or are you living their lives?

So I admit, I am a recovering people pleaser! Let me also admit that living an authentic life and doing what your heart and intuition guides you to is one of the most freeing feelings ever, the only other thing that I’ve seen or felt compared to that freeness is a Jouvert morning coming down Mucurapo Road behind a truck with the sun coming up in the distance! Other than that nothing else!

So who’s life are you living, which people are you pleasing, who’s validation are you looking for and in the process making yourself utterly miserable? And who are you willing to piss off?



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