My journey is unpredictable

Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world ACIM


Good morning all, today I am sharing my morning “chat to myself” downloaded during my morning practice! And guess what it came right on time!


You want to be enlightened and want to stay the same at the same time. You want transformation but cling to your existing forms, you want transcendence and yet you refuse to get your feet out of the quicksand of your perceptions of yourself as victimized. You say you want to be free, yet you are busy trying to make peace with your old shackles, chains, limitations and boxes. The power surging within you is so potent that it frightens you.

You are signing up for a journey that, from a human standpoint, is unpredictable. You are ready to accept the truth that just because you are not in control does not mean that things are out of control.

You are being freed from the false notion that you are not enough. You are being freed from the false notion that other people, places and things are more valuable than you are. You are being freed from the notion that you have to play small or that you have to settle for whatever comes your way in life.  What you have to let go of will not feel like a loss, the time is now.



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