Drama is optional

Deeply loving ourselves means that we don't have to create struggles and dramas, we can move to where the joy is, we can receive the pleasures. We can be open to the opportunities that are always there that are difficult to notice when looking through the veils of self-loathing or inadequacy. Chela Davidson
One of my favourite teachers always says "drama is optional" make another choice! As soon as you see yourself heading down drama ville hold up, pull up, in fact pull out, make another choice because drama is optional!

I so get that now! Make another choice! A Course in Miracles says, I must have chosen wrongly because I am not at peace! And its so simple to make another choice but we like the drama, we like to give the story, the juicy bits, how dare they? how could they? who do they think they are? and all that!! Its you baby! brutally honest, you get to chose again! I am not advocating that you have no boundaries, just drama less ones! LOL!!

So, here we go, a few more days to the greatest event that I have ever been to in the world in all my travels! the energy is awesome!!!!!
So I'm off to a drama free day, what did my girl Mary J Blige say? No more drama!!! I totally hear that!!


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