Normal is so basic

Growing up I was taught that normal was the way to make it. But no, for me, normal is so basic- Janet Mock

Don't rock the boat, toe the line, stay in your place, keep quiet and just be normal.
I have heard that so many times and even more times I have beleived it as it was either people in authority like my teachers or bosses or other people who I listened to like my parents and family.
Then it became "girl you are so weird, why don't you just do what other people do? eat some meat, drink some alcohol, live a little"
So why is it so much of a big deal when people live the way they want to live? Why does that threaten you? It's not your life! Does it affect you? your life? your living?
Does it?
Well what I have learnt is many times the ones who care about you want you to be comfortable and in their minds going out of the norm requires courage and the ability to stand on your own which may require a bit of discomfort.
Other times, people just have not tapped into the shift that living your truth is freedom, they really do not know so to them it is looked upon as crazy, why would you do something so crazy? Normal is sane and easier
Other times people are just plain nosey
I have learnt to Live your truth, and allow people to live theirs
You cannot walk someone else's path, walk yours and be a demonstration of what is possible.


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