Rest well.Eat well.Act right

You want to have more, give more and get more. In order to do it you must think abundantly.Do everything in an abundant way. Rest well.Eat well.Act right. Iyanla Vanzant

Today I am on a plane again, hitting the beautiful island of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), an absolute gem of an island in the Caribbean where I will be conducting two sessions. Always a pleasure to be there, the people are friendly and I feel a sense of calm and peace whenever I touch down on the SVG soil.

I am particularly excited to see the progress made by the community since my last visit in September, they have taught me the importance of using what I have, focusing on what is there. A true testament of what one focuses on grows. Instead of lamenting about what they do not have they rallied together within the community and decided to use whatever was available to them to make a better lie, I really cannot help but be inspired by them and their efforts

So my weekend will be spent working - on the beach, eating fruits, chilling with the residents of Rosehall and Diamond who demonstrate that anything is possible with persistence, consistency, self belief and a love of community and country

Holla at ya on the other side


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