Day 2 SVG

Sometimes we lose ourselves in others, around us or in the work we do.  We stop asking when we last danced, when we last sang, and even when we last visited friends we love.  A heartbreak is like a cleanser of the soul.  It leaves us empty looking around to see where have we been and where are we in this emptiness.  That starts a new journey of exploration of “who am I, where am I and am I where I want to be, with who I want to be with and what I want to be.”  The emptiness allows for new arrivals of visions, learnings and dreams free of all inhibitions and restrictions with the sky as the limit if even. Zainab Saldi

Today I am travelling about an hour by car away from where I am staying to meet with a community organisation who have embarked on a project to start a business in their area, we have been working on this project for about 8 months and today is my last workshop with them, they are sharing lessons learnt, of course, and how they will move ahead without me. I am excited as I know that they are more than capable, I actually learn so much from them I think even more than I think I give!
A young vibrant and positive group of young people who want a better life for them and the rest of their community!
The food their is also sooooo good, I am excited about that as well
Love my SVG crew every time
Holla at you on the flip side


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