You are divine, you are holy

When we think we are unworthy, it means that, for some reason, we believe that we have to prove we have a right to our space on the planet, in life, as we are, That means that we will do all manna of wonderfulness to prove we deserve to be here.
In that effort, we tend to go overboard in our everyday interactions.We overcommit, over-give, we over-do, we over-excuse, we overcompensate, and we stay in difficult, desperate, hurtful, harmful situations much longer than it is wise or productive to do so Iyanla 

This nails it for me! Iyanla nails it here for me, I repeat, it is so so close to home. Based on what she is saying here it's impossible to improve your self-worth without first recognizing your true value and seeing yourself as worthy. We look everywhere for it, everywhere outside of ourselves. But what I have learnt is seek outside of yourself and it will fail.  When we do not know and more importantly do not believe that we are prosperous we go looking outside for it and do all manner of things to get there and some people go as far as stealing. When we do not believe or know that we are love - well of course, we go looking and looking and looking for it, and sometimes in all the wrong places.
Me - I fall right into the trap of the "being nice and doing all manna of wonderfulness" yea I said it! So now I know I will act like I do
We are all divine, holy, useful and wonderful beings, we may have not been told or believe that we are but nothing and no one can change this!
Say it to yourself daily, I am divine, I am holy I am wonderful and soon you will start acting as you really are
It really is that simple
Its us who complicate the shit
Today, simply simplify
Travelling today so will holla on the other side 


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