Knowing the truth

"Determination" or "stick-to-it-iveness" Or "standing by our convictions" or "exhibiting perseverance". Metaphysically, it is called "knowing the truth" Neale Donald Walsh

Human beings want evidence that what they are doing is worthwhile, that it is making a difference, that it will pay off in the end or in the long run, when that evidence is not forth coming in the time and way that we know, anxiety steps in, panic sometimes, indifference perhaps or just plain ole desperation.
Human beings want what they want and they want it now, in their own way

This is where "knowing the truth" and having faith comes in, patience also plays a big part in the equation
Newsflash, we, humans, don't know everything and what we know is based upon past experiences and seeing, hearing and being around other experiences, but there is so much more, so much more to learn and experience.

Know the truth, know that there is a process- for everything
Know that when you are not seeing the physical evidence you can lean on the faith and determination to pull you through
Know that doubt and anxiety is a type of fear
Know that you are not limited, your mind is
Know that  self-belief trumps it all
then act like you know


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