The only question is where is your attention?

If you want to change, don’t fight what is already gone, go in, visualize, see, feel and live the reality that you want
Fear and doubt is what happens when you focus on what already is. What has already been created externally.
You can shift change and alter any circumstances by a shift in focus The only question is where is your attention?

 – Idiliionaire

What do you do when the funk is up? When it is all in your face and starting to smell?
The funk, I mean, is a low feeling, the unease, the anxiety of facing your choices and where you are?
Byron Katie says "when you argue with reality you suffer" and I truly believe that, I have over the last few months, decided that I will make friends with reality. This process has been amazingly helpful, it doesn't mean I like it, it means that I accept and make choices based on that acceptance.

So the funk has been up, and fighting the funk I am losing! So I am working on another approach. I am, sitting in it and letting it pass. And therein lies the challenge - I want to "do something about it" I want to make it go away right now, I want to beat up myself, I want it to be a swift funk pass through.
And so, the lesson of patience and stillness comes in and knowing that "this too shall pass" before making decisions to "do something about it"
Life has a law called the Law of Opposites and  that means there is a flow to life that brings ups and downs.
When you are in flow things are fluid and shift happens. You get what you want - the money, the stuff, and the love. When you are in flow you get high on progress and intoxicated by possibility.
When you are in the ebb its the opposite.and that is just the way it is!
It does not last but boy oh boy it feels weird when I am going through it


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