Did I respect my boundaries? Was I clear about what was okay and what's not okay? Brene Brown

Do you have any boundaries?
Do you have any non negotiables?
Do you draw a line in the sand and stand on it or do you back up and draw a new line when the line has been crossed?
I am still learning, I am learning about setting and standing in mine
The thing is, I am very easy going, I like to keep peace and don't upset the apple cart and therein lies a window for not articulating to other people what is okay and what is not.
So this is what I have learnt, make it known to yourself what you will and will not accept, tolerate and entertain in your own space. Make that completely clear to yourself first. When you see it coming, cross the street or if it's coming into your space and you can't cross the street, speak up, speak up in the kind compassionate way that you would want to hear it. And feel no guilt about that, or make no apology, setting these boundaries its a way of earning self-trust. And when you trust yourself you can trust the process, trust life and trust other people.
And so, I am moving ahead in the class of setting boundaries, practicing makes it easier.
Say it, set them and do it with love


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