Your feelings are a signal

Holding your feelings in is detrimental to your health. Feelings need an outlet. They are intended to be expressed.
Your feelings are a signal. A signals sole purpose is to inspire action.
Whether you are feeling something positive or negative, communicate. Unexpressed feeling get trapped in your body, which is never a good thing. Conveying your feelings creates space for you and others.
Speak it. Write it. Express it. It does not matter how… just say it. Stacey Hererra

So for those who know me for a while, they know that I am not a loud person or a talker, I talk when I have to, I say that I do not like to waste words, and there is sometimes a downside to not talking much. The downside is expressing of feelings get thrown to the wayside. Couple that with being "nice" and there can be a really be some consequences to this type of behavior
Though, this past year I have been shifting this behavior by speaking and expressing my feelings a lot more, there are some things that I have done this year that I shocked even my own senses - the voice in my head was screaming -"Chick, what on earth are you doing?" and the voice says it in that high pitched voice so you know it's shrieking and being super duper loud.
And for those at the end of my new found courage to express myself know that I trust you enough to go down this road with you.
And there were some consequences too, I feel that I may have scared away some people, made some of them really uncomfortable, lost some "friends" and even broke my own heart! But those consequences were so pale in comparison to feeling free, feeling that I can express myself without literally dying both outside and inside. And every time I fall into the trap of beating up myself or feeling sorry for myself or being timid about it I remember the space I created to feel more and to know who are my true blue, to know how I have grown and to realize how many lessons that I have learnt along the way.
It's a daily practice, and I practice daily and I feel all the feelings, all of them
I watch all the people who shrink away from my expression of feelings, all of the people who swell with it and know that it all matters, all the expressions even those that make me really uncomfortable and even sad!
Find a way to express your feelings or else they fester and translate itself into health issues or just issues..... the ones that drip and makes hole in all aspects of your life
Feel it, feel it all


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