It will kick you in da butt

Truth comes, we can't hear it
When you've been, programmed to fear it  Lauren Hill

The truth can kick you in da butt! I mean seriously kick you in the butt then when you're down on the ground give you another nudge! The thing is, it will do that when you completely ignore and run from it, the truth cannot be denied! It will give you signs, it will give you clues and hints and point you in the right direction, and when you ignore them, well, its either all hell breaks loose or the proverbial shit hits the fan!

I can tell you, in my life, the truth would be up in my face, staring into my eyes, I would deny it. I called a duck a swan because of fear!
I feared looking bad like I made the wrong choice- duh!!!! just make another choice sweet p!
I feared being a failure - duh - You cannot ever fail at this thing called life
I feared losing -  duh - there is nothing to lose, what is yours is simply yours baby!
I feared people will not like me -duh- homie, not everyone will like you, deal with it
living an authentic life requires a massive amount of courage and you will inevitably disappoint someone - just the way it is
I feared not having enough -duh- I am enough and that's all there is to it

So the truth is, there is no need to run, hide,ignore and feel bad unless you want a kick in da butt!
Once you know the truth you cannot go back to not knowing!
What is the truth  that you have been ignoring?


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