What you talk about is what you get.

for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning, the energy of that thought swings right back around to you. What records do you have on repeat—are you always talking about how bad dating is? Or stressful work is? How much you miss home? How dramatic your siblings are? How expensive the city has become? If that’s what you’re always talking about, that’s what will keep showing up. Maxie

Iyanla Vanzant always talks about the angels that surround you, that they are definitely there doing their work quietly, I experienced that this week and I want to say thank you to my angels at CANARI - Keisha, Venash, Nicole, Anna, Pat the entire team who came together to assist me this week. 
I kept it positive, I kept the self-talk on loop that said it will be all good, this too shall pass and all will be as it ought to be.
What I have learnt is that I cannot do it alone and a call for help is not a weakness, part of self-love is the ability to receive and not judge one's self when you have asked for help
Hey shit happens, it's life, and the angels are there at the precise moment if you call on them
So, angels are behind me and for that I will act accordingly!


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