You end up with a little more courage

The average human being will go to any lengths to avoid the experience of being hurt, being abandoned, or being rejected.
Hurt takes on a totally different perspective when you are afraid of it.
In order to protect themselves there are people who will not indulge in any personal contact or closeness.
Some of them will go so far as to strike first, hurting others before they get hurt.
When you are afraid to be hurt, you can spend a better part of your lifetime on the location for hurt, expecting to be hurt.
There is something you must remember
What you Expect you usually get.
Iyanla Vanzant

So I was doing my daily morning reading and I came across the quote above from Iyanla and I had a "penny dropping moment" or some would say an A-HA moment.
You get what you expect - that's big! and even bigger living life to avoid hurt, or rejection, or in fact, how and what we believe are hurt and rejection, really limits and puts a different spin on  situations.
The discomfort, the stories we make up to avoid the uncomfortable situations at times puts limits on what we can and will do, or may go. So the choice is courage over discomfort. Many times, and part of that choice of courage, is taking risks of doing the thing, meeting the person, opening up your heart, flying across the world to take a job, going to an interview, asking someone for something and so on and so on. And just to avoid being hurt, rejected or abandoned we chose the safe route, one of what we know and at the same time wondering what might have been, we eventually bury the feelings but feelings buried alive don't die, they fester and layers and layers of them added on start causing illness, resentment and other types of build up
So, do the thing, meet the person, fly where you want to fly, tell that guy that he's scorching hot, make the call. What's the worst that can happen? You end up where you started, with a little more courage
And, know this, all things are lessons that God would have us learn


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