Energy Hooks

The only time anyone can have any power over us is when they have something we want. In order to be energetically free and sovereign, in our own energy, we will need to be observant and honest with ourselves about our expectations and judgments. It is our expectations and judgments that create “energetic hooks” between our self and the other person that will drain our energy creating great confusion within our being because pieces of our energy remain in their energy field and pieces of their energy remain in our energy field. We literally enslave each other with our projected energy. Sabrina Reber

Everything is energy! And it cannot be denied, it cannot be removed, it moves through and through.
So what do we do with all this energy
Do you take people's energy, especially when it is not yours to take?
The successful says that we are responsible for the energy that we take into a situation and I truly believe in that, I walk into every single situation with a positive set of energy that is how I start, those who come with energy I don't want I simply refuse to willingly take it! Yep, that's how it goes.....

Common Energetic Hooks according to Ms Sabrina
~ Wanting someone to act in a different way.
~ Expecting someone outside of our self to make us happy.
~ Seeking self worth, value and acceptance outside of the self.
~ Seeking love from someone else.
~ Wanting to be appreciated by others.

~ Wanting someone to resonate with our victim consciousness and the stories we tell ourselves.
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