Confessions on the Journey

Rise high enough above a thing to see it from a new perspective.

Until you get to the core of a thing or see it from a new place, you will not be able to determine how or if the experiences of your life serve your highest and greatest good. Iyanla Vanzant

Confessions on the journey. I am on my holiday, getting some vital and much desired "me" time where I do my annual ritual of reviewing my year and renewing the commitment to myself. So here's the thing, I feel guilty I do, because I do not really like this spot that I am in! It's beautiful, scenic, breathtaking even but my soul doesn't feel it. Why? I feel that what the place said it would be is a gross misrepresentation of what it really is, I have changed hotels and want to change again but there I go pulling out all my lessons, first one is acceptance, make friends with reality and then choose and know each choice has a consequence! Two days left so I chose to stay put, the staff here are quite nice overall and the location is also ideal. The blessing in the bucket is me getting the time to spend on doing the things that I want to do
I did 2 tours, wonderful, got to see the beauty of the place - there is always good in there somewhere it's really up to us to find it
So yea, these are my confessions!
Let's see what happens in the next couple of days


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