Love Liberates

Love really should liberate. It should feel spacious and unencumbered. Love should feel expansive for each person. It’s about emotional freedom and interdependence.  Stacy Herera

A reading taken from Until Today, thought I would share

Love and sex are not the same thing! So many people think they know the difference
Yet, when you come right down to it the truth, it is easy to mistake one for the other.
Love is a natural instinct
Love makes you feel warm and fuzzy, protected and secure, bigger than life and welcomed in life.
When we are loving and being loved a sense of well-being permeates our entire existence
Love makes us feel totally accepted, totally fulfilled
Love allows us to experience one another at our deepest level of our identity
When we experience love in tis fullest and truest form, we want to experience it again and again. In fact, this is what we look for and expect in our sexual encounters.
Sexual activity is a perfectly natural and normal expression of who we are as human beings
We need not make excuses about our desire to experience our selves sexually
Our sexual experiences are opportunities to abandon ourselves, our coverings and masks
A sexual encounter is a powerful experience in which bodies can share pleasure, with or without the benefit of intimacy.
Because sex feels good, we often mistake our sexual experiences for true giving and receiving of love
We tell ourselves we were in love, that is why we "did it"

In love, there is total acceptance of self, and a willingness to give of self without an expectation of receiving anything in return. When you love, you are not afraid to share the truth of who you are, and you accept the truth of others without judgement
Love feels good, because it is good not because of what you do, because who you are.
Until today, you thought your sexual experiences were true expressions of love
Just for today, devote yourself to giving and receiving the intimacy of love, without the physical contact


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