Feel everything

The human animal will do anything to reduce or avoid pain. This is the reason escapism is prevalent and cell phones are our best friends. In truth, the way to reducing pain is not in running away, but feeling. To feel is experiencing the energy in the body without judging; or getting caught in thought story. To feel is claiming the power you have over the emotion rather than vice versa. To feel is the only way to freedom from the human and mergence with being . Feel everything Kyle Jones

I love this quote,sometimes I forget it, especially when I am having a funk moment. And like magic I am guided to it, I was having a moment this week, talk about funk! I tried to run it away, read it away, then the things  I started doing to make the feelings go away started getting borderline harmful to my soul. I think I felt drunk on the funk. And drunk texted my ex, well I will not tell you how that turned out, needless to say it added to the funk. So it was a total funk fest
And then, I was guided to the quote
Feel everything
Feel it
I sat on my porch and asked myself, what are you feeling and what is i saying to you?
I sat there, quietly and open
Feel everything
What is the feeling?
Fear perhaps?
Not enoughness - which, by the way, will mash you up!
I felt it all 
then the feelings passed and I was guided to take action
Feelings are guides, they come to pass, and when we do all sorts to avoid it they stay and come around magnified and manifests itself in many areas in your life, finances, relationships, work, you name it
Feel the feelings
Let it pass
It won't kill you
I promise

 There is Power In Your Story:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH1K7nRGrYc

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