Give Shedding a Go

Shedding will require you to ask questions. It'll require you to rediscover. To let go. To undo. To rewind. But like the butterfly, you can exit the chrysalis of your own limits where you'll discover that the very best version of yourself exists in the shedding. Maxi McCoy

Letting go is hard. We humans love what we know, what we can see, what we can control, what is in front of us. Letting go brings us into the unknown, with little or no perception of control and yes that can be scary for some. Letting go also makes room for new, for exciting, for change, for growth, it frees up the channels.
Hoarders, bless em, hold on to things just in case, just in case they may be able to use it, to revive it, to bring back the memory. Maybe, it happens and that 's wonderful I think about if the place is full where is the room for more? Where will you fit in the next piece of magnificence?
Give shedding a go, you never had control over it anyway!

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