The Law of Truth

It is not a sign of loving someone to do things that you know will cause them grief and lie to them about what you have done. When you love someone you conduct yourself in a way that not only honors then,but in ways that honor you! Iyanla Vanzant

Telling the truth can be a challenge at most times, especially if it is a case of hurting someone, looking bad or other consequences.
The Law of Truth says

There are those who know the truth but are not truthful in their behavior. There are those who love the truth but even this love can be spurned when unconscious choices dominate. There are those who delight in the truth, they embody the truth within themselves. These people are the truth, be the truth and can see the truth. They are the ABC of the truth. These people have healed, grown and evolved to become enlightened and have taken their rightful, truthful place as part of God. These people, in their truth, are love; be love, see love – the ABC of love in their truth.
The Truth is God is love and you are part of God – now you know the Truth.

The truth really does set you free

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