Create Anything

Creativity demands that you step to the plate to offer your truth. It asks that you sit down and do something, anything, even if you’re not feeling it. Creativity asks that you don’t judge what comes out. And that you understand some creations will be gold and others shit. Creativity is the process, not the outcome.
Creative people? They show up. They create. So, if you want to be more creative that’s all you really have to do. Quiet the resistance in your mind and step up and start creating anything. Maxie McCoy

This weekend, Trinidad and Tobago celebrates their annual Carnival celebrations, the place is pumped and hyped with activities, parties, shows, fun, laughter and dancing. Many people do not participate as they believe its a time for indecent revellery I see it differently I see a country creating, one that is making happiness out of nothing and it is pretty beautiful in my sight
It teaches me that the world is how we view it, if we view it with love, we see love and vice versa
no matter what
It is a weekend were friends meet, little or no sleep and all that goes along with it
I love this time of year, everyone is involved, children, elderly folks, mummies, daddies, grannies. We create - building a bridge from nothing to something
Whereever I am in the world I find myself back here for this season
Give thanks


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