Make Room For More Growth

When you have learned all that you can learn in a relationship, its season will end.
When you have healed what you came into the relationship to heal, its purpose has been fulfilled
When the relationship is over, it is over
Hanging on will only make the days ahead darker Iyanla

How do we know it is over? We just know!
When we are settling, we are losing ourselves, dis honoring our selves
When we are grasping and making excuses and justification
When we are hiding
Cannot share the stories with our friends and loved ones
Yeah - that's a sign that the season is over

It's not easy, it takes courage and self belief to move into a new situation, the alternative being prolonging the issue
You know when people are not into you
The signs are there
We ignore it
The unanswered texts, the unreliability
You know when it's a situation of not being fully involved in the situation
The lies, the excuses, the stories
What makes us accept them?
Ask yourself that

Let go
Be courageous
Make room for more growth


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