Rest Well and Feel All Your Feelings

Hello friends

I have missed you over the past few days, a combination of poor time management and feeling ill kept me off the the blog but I am back! I have been taking active part in what we call Trinidad Carnival and it has been hectic, a combination of events and parties which happen mostly late into the night and into the early morning. On Friday, Mr Cold paid me a visit and it was an intense one with coughing and no voice so I had to take some time to attend to the Mr Cold and his cohorts. It still surprises me how fascinating our bodies are, how much our bodies love us given how much we abuse them, take it for granted and sometimes just plain ole disrespect it! It still shows up for us daily, gives us warning after warning after warning before it completely shuts down so that we can pay it some attention. I took heed and removed the guilt associated with just doing nothing and rested.
Rest is productive!
It worked wonders and today I am up and about feeling like a brand new coin - shiny and worthy.

I also know that when Mr Cold visits me I am stressing out about something, that I refuse to feel or pay attention to. I was scheduled to be going abroad next month and it seems to be up to this moment not happening, it disappointed me no end, I was preparing for this trip for an entire year. I brushed it off saying "Oh well that's life" it caught up!

Anyways all that to say my friends, rest well, and feel all your feelings
Glad to be back!


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