Relax and Be Yourself

Relax and be yourself. This is YOUR life. How do YOU want to live it? What kind of experience do YOU want to have? There is nothing to worry about. As it says in that verse from the bible: Don’t worry about tomorrow – tomorrow will care for itself. Elisa Lionne

My morning  reading today was fitting; it reminded me to focus on myself and being me rather than reacting and responding to people and their own ways and habits. I needed a reminder and it was timely.

I have been going to a number of events over the past week and a half and listen, I will be honest with you, there are people there that really bring out my prayer beads! I mean, really.
But my reading today reminded me that I am my brother, I am my sister,  and to start with that mindset in my approach, and when I do I will judge less and love more, I will remember that I sometimes have bad days, that I too have my moments, this is not to condone people's bad behavior but to remind myself that in response to people's moods,attitudes and sometimes fakeness I get to choose, I get to make a choice on how I respond knowing that people have their own stuff going on. I get to choose not being hard on myself and feel guilty when I truly do not like someone, I can love them as a human being but not like their attitude and drama! Then respond accordingly!

According to Elisa ,We cannot get enlightened in a vacuum. Rather we rise up in relationship to each other. And every encounter with anyone is an opportunity to discover our true self by looking beyond the physical appearances of the person in front of us to the true being at their core. Why do we find ourselves when we look at the true being at other people's core? Because that being is us. When you look at a wheel, you see all these separate spokes. But when you follow them to their source, to their core, they all start at the same place. And so do we. On the outside we all look like separate beings, but like sunbeams we all start at the same place. At our core, we are one. There is one mind, one spirit, one Son of God. And we're it.
And so, I rise to each occasion making a choice that is best for me in the moment, remembering that I am you, that I can forgive, judge less and still have boundaries
Give thanks for all the lessons



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