Keep it Simple

Our ego likes to tell us that we need complicated, expensive, or even magical measures to improve our lives, but as A Course in Miracles assures us, all complexity is of the ego. Elione 

I'm a simple gal, I accept it, I own it. Why? Complicating things to me is a combination of overthinking, making excuses and fear rolled up into making one or a topic more "important" than it ought to be
So, as I learn the lessons on the journey I keep it really simple
Do you trust or you don't? Simple  -yes or no?
Do you believe or you don't? Simple - yes or no?
Do you want to live a life that is different to the one you are currently living? Simple - yes or no?
Do you want to make healthy choices? Simple - yes or no?
Do you want a healthy, harmonious, spiritual abundant relationship? Simple- yes or no?
Once a definite decision is made , the Universe is put on alert to assist you in achieving what you requested. We confuse the Universe with the in between talk and actions

All the fluff and talk and explanations in between to complicate it keeps me stuck
I prefer to become unstuck
Yes, it really is that simple



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